Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Des Moines says “NO” to Trump’s War

By Catholic Peace Ministry

DES MOINES, IOWA (APRIL 9TH, 2017) - Catholic Peace Ministry joined 'Iowa Uprising,' the 'Democratic Socialists of IA' and a number of college and high school students on April 8 at the Iowa State Capitol with its "The World Still Says No to War" sign in response to the illegal bombing of a Syrian military base by the current administration.

See video here., (Thanks to Rodger Routh for the video!)

"We should say yes to Syrian refugees, yes to negotiating a cease-fire, yes to the reality there is no military solution in this conflict," said Jeffrey J. Weiss, Peace Education Director of Catholic Peace Ministry.

"More than five million refugees, civilian casualties an everyday nightmare, the Syrian people need rapid diplomacy at the highest levels of the UN system and especially a ceasefire," said Weiss, who called upon citizens to petition their lawmakers.

The protest was interrupted briefly by a man who hurled insults and told the demonstrators "they had a lot of nerve" and he might need to "stand his ground"  in confronting them.*

Despite this threat, the majority of people who drove by on the street offered thumbs up and appreciated the effort.

Several international newspapers noted international law was violated, namely the United Nations Charter that states a nation-state can only use force if attacked and then only after consulting the UN Security Council for a resolution.

Despite the international and legal questions, including the ability of Congress to declare war according to Article I of the Constitution, corporate television and radio and several major newspapers praised the "airstrikes" (not bombing).  Brian Williams called them "beautiful."

More than one college student who is in debt and at this event remarked on their signs for the public, how many people we could be sending to college instead of building missiles and bombing infrastructure and civilians. (Read about Mosul and Sana the past few weeks).

Catholic Peace Ministry calls upon all lawmakers to redistribute the Pentagon budget to education and health care and things that sustain our future as a species.

* Note:  "Stand your ground" is a Republican law that will make the George Zimmermans of Iowa feel more protected if they shoot black teenagers)

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