Aug. 1- 31
Across the country
August is We the People Lobby Month And We Need You!
What:  Our federal representatives will take August to return home to the states to be available to meet with their constituents, like they do every year. That's why we've dubbed August "We the People Lobby Month."
We need you to join the team of community lobbyists to sit your Representative and/or Senators down and educate them about why the We the People Amendment is the only systemic solution to our broken and corrupt political system.
Click here to get at the info you need for We the People Lobby Month, and to sign up to get started.
Never met your Congressmembers before or imagined yourself doing such a thing? Please consider it now!
More:  Corporate personhood and big money in politics can be connected back to almost every single issue you care about... isn't it time you get involved in the Movement to Amend, ?
We the People Lobby Month is the perfect time!
Check out our web page with all the details you need to get started, whether you're a seasoned citizen lobbiest or a total newbie...we need you now!

Wed., Aug. 2- Sun., Aug. 6
Minneapolis, MN
Move to Amend’s Democracy Convention 2017
What:  The word "democracy" comes from the Greek. Broken down, it means the people (demos) rule (kratia).
The trouble We the People seem to be having is that too many of us think democracy just happens, rather than making democracy happen -- it simply doesn't work that way. The degradation of the American experiment in democracy into early-stage fascism requires democracy movement organizers and supporters to practice democracy with passion, an open mind, in solidarity and with immediacy.
When:   Starting 8:00 AM Aug. 2- through Aug. 6, 8 pm
Where:  University of Minnesota • 269 19th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55455
More:  Join the movement to legalize democracy and help build democracy in the US. Register here for Democracy Convention 2017 in Minneapolis, August 2 - 6: 

Fri. – Sun., August 4-6
Iowa City
"Introduction to Prophetic Imagination" retreat
What:  the Spirit of Christ Church (500 N Clinton St, Iowa City, IA 52245) will host a retreat called "Introduction to the Prophetic Imagination" (IPI). The retreat will be led by Mark Van Steenwyk and Daniel Wolpert from the Mennonite Worker in Minneapolis. IPI is intended to help participants break free from the dominant scripts of our imperial culture and begin to find a more faithful, life-giving way of following the way of Jesus in the midst of empire. The retreat brings together deep political analysis with the practices of Christian contemplation so that we might prophetically challenge the ways that our society fosters alienation and death while finding a path to healing and life. The retreat goes from 7:00pm on Friday and ends with a dinner on Sunday evening. Overnight accommodations and childcare can be available upon request. The cost is a suggested donation of $125.
            For nearly 15 years, Mark Van Steenwyk has sowed seeds of subversive spirituality throughout North America. He co-founded the Mennonite Worker in Minneapolis in 2004 with his wife Amy. Mark is the author of "That Holy Anarchist," "The unKingdom of God," and "A Wolf at the Gate." 
            Daniel Wolpert, a student of the spiritual life, has taught in the fields of psychology and spiritual formation for the past 30 years.
            More information can be found at the Prophetic Imagination website:
or by contacting Pastor Scott Roser:

Fri., Aug. 4
Cedar Rapids
Hiroshima Remembrance Walk
What:  We'll walk around downtown for 30-40 minutes with signs appropriate to commemorate the devastating opening salvo to the nuclear age.
When:  Starting at noon
Where:  at 1st Ave & 1st St NE, Cedar Rapids
Contact:  Contact information is at

Fri., Aug. 4- Sat. Aug. 5
Iowa City
PEACE Iowa at Soul Fest in Iowa City
When:  Please note PEACE Iowa will only be there Sat. Aug. 5  11 am- 5 pm
Where:  Downtown Iowa City
More:  PEACE Iowa is proud to be a part of Soul Fest for a third year! We will be bringing back the popular color wheel game that asks attenders questions related to nonviolence, MLK, and the civil rights movement (and peace in daily life for young children). Peace hand stamps and chocolate kisses are awarded for correct answers! It is a lot of fun for all ages and it is a rewarding activity. Please stop by and bring friends and family-- The booth will be in the designated "FUN Stop" area.
From Summer of the Arts: "The Iowa Soul Festival is a celebration that features the dance, music, food and art of the African and African-American communities. This event is designed to highlight the positive influences that the culture has on Iowa City, the Creative Corridor and Eastern Iowa. This event will feature locally, regionally and nationally recognized artists. Enjoy live entertainment, soul food, African-American inspired art, a FUN Zone for the kids, and much more!

Fri., Aug. 4 & Sat., Aug. 5
St. Charles, IA
Hinterland Music Festival
What: Two days of music curated for all who love both music and the outdoors. True to its name, Hinterland is held in St. Charles, a beautiful rural escape just outside Des Moines, Iowa. The annual festival features a blend of music, camping, art, craft vendors, family engagement and more.
When:  4:00 pm to 11 pm
Where:  Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater, 3357 St Charles Rd, Saint Charles, IA 50240

Sat., Aug. 5- Wed., Aug. 9
Des Moines
What:  What: "Bp Pates Please Teach, Test & Grade the DM Drone Command Center" 24/7 Vigil  & Kick Off Event!
When: starting Aug. 5 after 4 pm Mass, ending Wed., Aug. 9, 11 am
Where:  @ St Ambrose Cathedral’s front steps, 8th and High St., Des Moines
Kickoff :  Candle Light Service and Witness with Kathy Kelly: for a first hand report of US Drone victims she knows personally in Iraqi, Syria, Palestine/ Gaza & Afghanistan
When:  8:30 p.m. (Sunset)
NOTE: No permission as of yet has been given to us from the Bishop to do this vigil. Permission is being sought....

Sun., Aug. 6
Des Moines
Annual Hiroshima-Nagasaki Observance
When: August 6th, 20177:00 p.m.
Where: Japanese Bell, State Capitol grounds, 1000 block of E. Court Ave., west of the Supreme Court building, Des Moines

Sun., Aug. 6
Livestream (across the country)
Hear from Pastor Jose, immigrant in Sanctuary in an interfaith coalition coalition in Durham, NC
What:  This month, an interfaith coalition in Durham, North Carolina welcomed undocumented father and community member Pastor José Chicas into Sanctuary to resist his deportation order.
We entered into this sacred covenant with Pastor José and his family because, as people of faith and conscience, it is our moral obligation to take action against harmful policies that keep all of God’s children from living with dignity and respect. The raids, deportation, and detention of our undocumented neighbors undermine due process, threaten the safety of our communities, negatively impact our economy, and violate our deepest moral values. Which is why we’re partnering with the Sanctuary Movement to hear from Pastor José and learn what we can do to stand with immigrants at our monthly Gathering on Sunday, August 6th — co-hosted by the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.
If you’re in North Carolina: RSVP here to join us this Sunday, August 6, from 6-7:30pm ET at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh.
When:  Livestream on website or Facebook 5 pm CST
If you can’t make it in-person:Watch the livestream this Sunday, August 6, beginning at 6pm ET on our website or Facebook, and sign up to host a watch party. Make sure you share the stream on social media so the #MoralResistance can reach more people!

Sun., Aug. 6
Parnell, IA
JPOG (Just Peace Outreach Group) meeting with Jacob Yoder
What:  Jacob Yoder has worked since July 2016 with Mennonite Central Committee as Assistant Program Manager and PMER (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting) OfficerAnalyst for the African nations of Rwanda and Burundi.
            In this role Jacob provides management as well as PMER support for two separate food security projects in the African Great Lakes Region with a combined budget of over US $1.2 million. I work directly with MCC's implementing partners -- HCB (Burundi) and PDN (Rwanda) -- serving as a liaison between the three organizations.  Jacob helped successfully develop a USD 1.1 million Burundi food security proposal making key contributions in writing the project narrative, designing the Farmer Field School (FFS) extension system, and designing the Performance Monitoring Framework (PMF)
            Join J-POG Sunday, August 6, 2017, as Jacob Yoder shares his experiences in Burundi.
When: Come at 6:00 pm for informal discussion and a finger foods potluck (please bring your own table service).  Jacob's presentation will begin at 7:00 pm.  
Where:  West Union Mennonite Church, 3253 305th Street, Parnell, Iowa. 
Contact:  For more information call Roger Farmer at 319-653-2547 or email Jane Yoder-Short at

Aug. 8 and ongoing Tuesdays
Des Moines
Regular Centering Prayer
What:  End your work day with Centering Prayer.
When: Tuesdays at 5:15
Where:  St. John's Lutheran Church (600 6th Avenue, Des Moines).
More:  If you live or work downtown, Drake Neighborhood, Ingersoll, East Village, River Bend or Sherman Hills, or if you are just looking for a good way to enjoy some silence and solitude at the end of your work day, join us Tuesdays at 5:15.  Lots of free parking in the lot west of the church. We do a short reading followed by 20 minutes of Centering Prayer, so you will be on your way home by 6:00. For questions, contact Chris Frantsvog  306-1221, See all the COCI prayer group listings at

Wed., Aug. 9
Des Moines
"Why we acted, and came forward ..."  a conversation with Jessica Jeznicek and Ruby Montoya
What:  This is a chance for our local DM area friends and supporters to have a conversation with Jess and Ruby about their efforts to stop the DAPL in IA and why they have gone public with their deeds ...
"In the weeks and months ahead, Jess and Ruby will likely need support and advocates during thier possible  jail, court, trials and prison expereinces. Having a strong local base of support is going to be very important." said fellow DMCW Frank Cordaro
When: 7 p.m.
Where: "Chet Guinn's Fire House", 1041 8TH ST, DM IA
Contact:  For more info contact:
Jessica Reznicek <>
Ruby Montoya <>
Frank Cordaro  515 490 2490

Wed., Aug. 9
Des Moines
Showing of “An Inconvenient Sequel:  Truth to Power”
What:   Join other WILPFers at the Fleur Theater for a showing of An Inconvenient Sequel; Truth to Power.  See what’s changed for our planet since An Inconvenient Truth sparked a global movement against the climate crisis a decade ago.  Please join us at the early showing.
“Despite setbacks, the progress we've made on climate is not reversible. The cost of clean energy continues to fall. Countries like China, India and others are moving fast. Big consumer companies are working toward 100% renewable energy. And many states — and cities — are showing new leadership in America's climate fight.
I know we will win in this struggle. I hope that by seeing my film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, you will help jumpstart the next critical phase of this movement — and make sure it's bigger and stronger than ever.
Thank you for standing with me and WILPF in this fight.”  Sincerely, Al Gore
When:  TBA
Where:  Fleur Cinema, Des Moines

Fri, Aug. 11
Norwalk, IA
CFUM's Score Fore Kids Golf Tournament
What:  Last year, the Annual Children & Family Urban Movement (CFUM) Score Fore Kids Golf Tournament presented by Sammons Financial raised nearly $29,000! Those funds benefited, the 8 week Awesome Summer Days program that encourages the learning of new skills,community service projects, increased awareness of health and wellness as well as continued or increased reading and writing ability.
This year, for our 12th Annual Score Fore Kids Golf Tournament, we hope to do as well!  We need your help...
 Consider putting together a foursome from the office or pulling together 3 of your most fun loving friends.  They don’t have to be good…or even bad…golfers.  It’s about spending a fun day at the Legacy Golf Club in Norwalk helping CFUM raise much needed resources for its programs.
When:  7:30 AM – 1:30 PM CDT
Where:  The Legacy Golf Club, 400 Legacy Parkway, Norwalk, IA 50211
More: Click here for more information.  For additional questions, do not hesitate to contact Weslyn

Sat., Aug. 12
Des Moines
Meet My Religious Neighbor- Sikhs of Iowa Khalsa Heritage
What:  Meet My Religious Neighbor is a monthly open-house series hosted by The Comparison Project. Each open house allows the public the opportunity to tour a sacred space, learn how religion is practiced in it, and meet the congregation who worships there. This month’s event is Sikhs of  Iowa Khalsa Heritage.
When:  From 10a.m. until 12 p.m.,
Where:  4820 NW 59th Ave, Johnston
More:  Visitors can tour the Temple and learn about Sikh beliefs, practices, and culture. From 12 p.m. until 1p.m., visitors can join the members of the Temple for their congregational prayer (aardas) and meal (langar). The meal is a free vegetarian meal that is served to all regardless of caste, class, or creed.
Visitors are advised to dress modestly and bring a head covering (scarves for women, kerchiefs for men). There are some kerchiefs and scarves available at the Temple. The Sikh Temple is located at 4820 NW 59th Avenue, in Johnston, Iowa.

Wed., Aug. 14
Des Moines
Join Vets for Peace in annual Veteran’s parade through State fairgrounds
What:  Join the Vets for Peace in the annual Veteran’s parade through the fair grounds.  VFP has the only ‘PeaceVet’ entry out of the 160 entrants in the parade which is watched by an estimated 50,000 people.
When:  11:00am
Where: Iowa State Fairgrounds
More:   Join VFP in the parade.  Need a pass?  Join Gil at the Catholic Work House at 9:30 and carpool in with him.
Gilbert E. Landolt
Pres. VFP #163, Bill Basinger Chapter

Sun., Aug. 20
Des Moines
Film Screening: "The Occupation of the American Mind"
What:  See the film "The Occupation of the American Mind" by Media Educational Resources which chronicles the history of the conflict in Palestine/ Israel and the Middle East.  Eye-opening and engaging, this film shares information about the intentional misleading of what is happening in Israel/ Palestine by first of all, Israel, then many in the US- resulting in a misinformed public in the US.
When:  2 pm
Where:  Stover Memorial Church of the Brethren sanctuary, 4100 6th Ave., Des Moines
More:  There will be time for questions and discussion, led by Kathleen McQuillen, formerly director of the Middle East Peace project at AFSC in Des Moines. 
Also, refreshments will be available.  Film is 85 minutes.  Handicap accessible.
Cosponsors:  AFSC, Middle East Peace Education Coalition, Catholic Peace Ministry, MFSA, Women's Int'l League for Peace and Freedom

Sat., Aug. 26
Des Moines
Walk to Support Women Needing a Second Chance
What:  Crossroads of Iowa is hosting its annual Women’s Walk on Saturday, August 26.
When:  Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. with the walk beginning at 8:30 a.m.
Where:  Gray’s Lake Park
More:  Early registrants will receive a t-shirt. The proceeds from this event will go towards starting a new program proven to decrease recidivism. For more information or to register for the event, keep posted for new link. For an event flyer, click HERE

Tues., Aug. 29
Des Moines
The Origins of the Iowa-China Relationship Part 1, with Luca Berrone hosted by North Side Library, DM
What:  In this two part series on the Iowa- China Relationships, Luca Berrone will share how the relationship between Iowa and China originated.  He will share his experience as an immigrant to the United States.  In September, Des Moines Register editor, Lynn Hicks, will share his recent experience of being in China and why this relationship matters to Iowa.
When:  6-7 pm
Where:  North Side Library, Meeting Room ; 3516 5th Ave.
More:  Space is limited. Preregister at or call 515-283-4152

Thurs., Aug. 31
Ankeny: Understanding Today, Preparing for Tomorrow
What:  Is everyone who lives in Ankeny as prosperous as our growth suggests?  Come hear the untold story of Ankeny!  AMOS (A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy) will be hosting a community discussion on Thursday, Aug. 31.
When: from 7:00 to 8:30
Where: Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Church in the Banquet Room.
More:   All members of the community are invited.  Entitled Ankeny: Understanding Today, Preparing for Tomorrow, we invite you to join us as we share the results of an 18 month study into the demographics, economic security, mental health, substance abuse, housing, public safety, public schools, transportation and senior population of our community.  We will consider the needs of our whole community, regardless of income level, and review the services available to meet those needs, separating myth from fact, sharing stories, and issuing a call to action to address the challenges facing families in our growing city.  Let’s make Ankeny a community where all can succeed!

Thurs., Aug. 31
Across the country
Book Discussion with Michael Nagler, author of The Nonviolence Handbook
What:  Hosted by Campaign Nonviolence -You can sign up here for the book discussion with Michael Nagler, author of The Nonviolence Handbook on August 31st.

1.)  All kinds of events are planned for the Campaign NonViolence (CNV) Week of Actions, Sept. 16-24, 2017 including peace marches, a celebration at the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of integration, events calling for the abolishment of nuclear weapons, interfaith prayer services and vigils, and restorative justice and nonviolence workshops.  If you haven't let us know that you are planning an action in September, click here to do so now.

2.)Ready to Embark in a Meaningful Relationship?
EMBARC (Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy Resource Center) has two outstanding mentoring programs and are seeking mentors for to guide refugees from Burma with various life skills such as learning English, job hunting, and study skills. Must be 18 or older and be able to pass a background check. Contact EMBARC to learn more about our mentoring opportunities by clicking HERE.  

3.)  EngagingSpirituality Fall Group Offerings
   How can we deepen our relationship with God and those around us?  EngagingSpirituality is a small group program from JustFaith Ministries designed to answer that question. This program invites participants to deepen their faith through prayer, listening, exploration, and sharing. An EngagingSpirituality group will be offered at Emmaus House this fall. For more information or to register, visit or contact Susie Tierney at Center for Social Ministry, 515-782-3054 or

4.)  Volunteer in the Faith & Grace Garden
The Faith & Grace Garden is a collection of community gardens in the Des Moines area with the goal of growing food to feed the local hungry. All of the food grown is donated to local food pantries.  To volunteer in the garden, register here.  ( )   Why register? It allows us to advise you of last minute cancellations due to weather, etc.  For questions, contact Tim Goldman at 745-9842  or or contact Mark Marshall  at 998-5381 or For more information, visit:

5.)  Polk County Food Pantry Volunteers

Polk County Food Pantry is in need for volunteers to help participants shop for their food. Days are Monday – Friday 8—5 with 3-4 hour intervals. Mondays and Fridays volunteers are especially welcomed.  If interested contact Mary at 515-286-3695.

Ask your Rep to sign the bipartisan Pocan-Amash-Lieu-Jones Letter to Urge President Trump to seek authorization from Congress before escalating the war in Yemen. Background info, call script, and call tool can be found at this link:

7.) View new Documentary on the Israel/ Palestine occupation: The occupation of the American mind. You can see trailor and
learn more here

8.) Video regarding the recent presentation, Obliterated Families

Many thanks to Rodger for producing this video of his interview with Ala and Anne: It does a nice job of capturing their thoughts about the power of storytelling.


Sun., Sept. 10
Des Moines
Progress Iowa sweet corn feed and discussion
What:   Join Progress Iowa for Iowa sweet corn and a discussion about progressive ideas!  
When:  Doors open at 2:00pm
Where:  Simon Estes Amphitheater, 75 E Locust.
More:  SPEAKERS:  Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, (additional speakers will be announced as the event approaches).

Sat., Sept. 16
Washington DC
Kayak Flotilla to Washington DC
What:  One week before the #NoWar2017: War and the Environment conference, World Beyond War will work with the Backbone Campaign and other allies to organize a flotilla for the environment and peace, bringing kayaktivism to Washington, D.C. Pentagon war making is a leading cause of world-wide environmental degradation.
When: 9 a.m. ET
Where: The Pentagon Lagoon right in front of the Pentagon.
Click here to learn more and sign up.

Sat., Sept. 16 through Sun., Sept. 24
Across the country and around the world 
What:  Campaign Nonviolence is calling for action once again during the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions, September 16-24, 2017!  This year our goal is to reach 1000+ marches, rallies, vigils and prayers for peace and nonviolence.  This is a time to come together, build community and join efforts to end war, poverty, racism and environmental destruction.  Let us know you will take part on our CNV Actions page here!

Thurs., Sept. 21
Across the country
Peace Day 2017
What:  On Earth Peace invites churches, justice-seekers, and peacebuilders to pray for peace and justice together this Peace Day - September 21, 2017.
God’s power comes--when we pray. God’s power wells up in us and in our communities-- when we pray. God makes all things possible, bringing us courage, vision, and commitment-- when we pray.
As peacemakers, we know that division, conflict, and polarization are everywhere in our world. Let’s take that to God in prayer, together.
As seekers of justice, we know that systems and institutions often perpetuate injustice and broken relationships.. Let’s join together in prayer and see what God might do with us next.
What new group might you gather this year to pray fervently for peace and justice, together? How are you called to pray - for your city, for a specific group, for an issue?
On Earth Peace’s 2017 theme—Being Built Together—reminds Christians that peace and justice can only be built as we are being built together in Christ.
Ephesians 2:19-22 declares that the prophets, the apostles, and our foremothers and forefathers have been building upon a foundation whose cornerstone is Jesus. And Christ invites us to join together and be built into a vibrant community that becomes a living temple of God.
Peace Day is an opportunity to begin living into this vision and start building your community together for justice and peace. Who will you pray with this September 21?
-Matt Guynn , Director of Organizing, On Earth Peace

Fri., Sept. 22- Sun., Sept. 24
Washington DC
World Beyond War’s 2017 Conference- War and the Environment
What:  See website for more info:  A public launch will take place at World Beyond War's No War 2017 Conference -- War and the Environment, Sept. 22-24 at American University in Washington, D.C.. Come join us at this important conference addressing how the antiwar and environmental movements can work together. 

Sat., Sept. 23
Des Moines
An Iowa Culinary Experience
What:  Meet Chef Vee as she shares her culinary experience with the audience.  A special event featuring locally harvested Barramundi fish, juicy farm fresh tomatoes, and creamy Iowa sweet corn.  Come join us on this delectable culinary journey around the world right here in Iowa and sample a test.
When:  2- 3 pm
Where:  North Side Library, Meeting Room, 3516 Fifth Ave.
More:  Preregister at or call 515-283-4152 press 3; Space is limited.

Tues., Sept. 26
Des Moines
The Origins of the Iowa- China Relationship Part 2 with Lynn Hicks
What:  In this two part series on the Iowa- China Relationships, Lynn Hicks, opinion editor and a veteran with the Des Moines Register for over 20 years, shares his experience after returning from China in May of this year.  Find out why relationships with China matter to Iowa.
When:  6- 7 pm
Where:  North Side Library, Meeting Room, 3516 Fifth Ave.
More:  Space is limited.  Preregister at or call 515-283-4152 press 3

Sat., Sept. 30
Des Moines
“Unheard Voices from the Heart of Palestine” 1 day conference
What: Keynote speakers are Rev. Ateek and Phyllis Bennis.  Rev. Ateek, a Palestinian priest in the Anglican Church and an Arab ecitizenof Israel.  He is the founder and director of Sabeel, an ecumenical theology center in Jerusalem.  He lectures widely and is the author of Justice and Only Justice:  A Palestinian Theology of Liberation and a Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation.
          Phyllis is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and a writer, activist and analyst on Middle East & UN Issues.  She works with many anti-war organizations and writes and speaks widely in the US and around the world as part of the global peace movement.  She has written and edited eleven books and has served as an informal advisor to several top UN officials on Middle East Issues.
When: 8:45 am- 4:30 pm
Where:  First United Methodist Church 1001 Pleasant,
More: Registration fee:  $40 (includes lunch & materials). Student Rate $20, scholarships available.  Send name, address, and phone # to First Methodist Church, c/o Christine Anders, 1001 Pleasant Street Des Moines, 50309.
          Iowa Peace Network is a coSponsor.  Planned by the Middle East Peace Education Coalition

Sat., Sept. 30
Griswold, IA
8-Day Intensive, Post-Intensive Centering Prayer Retreat
What:  Enjoy the fall colors and last warm days of the year at the lovely Creighton University Retreat Center (.  Immerse yourself in the total silence, except for the sounds of nature.
When:  8:30 a.m. through Saturday, October 7, 5:00 p.m.
Where:  Creighton University Retreat Center (16493 Contrail Ave, Griswold, IA).
More:  Registration will be limited to 19 retreatants and 4 retreat staff.  Retreat will be open to people with Centering Prayer experience, and who have previously attended, at minimum, a weekend silent retreat. For questions, contact Chris Frantsvog at or Paul Witmer at
For more information or to register, please click HERE.

this coming Fall
Des  Moines area
Fall JustFaith Groups Announced!
What:  Are you interested in JustFaith or do you have a friend or family member who is interested?  Locations, days and times for Des Moines area fall JustFaith groups have just been set:
When & Where:  (details TBA)
Sunday Early Evenings, Central Presbyterian Church
Monday Evenings, SS John & Paul Catholic Church
Tuesday Daytime, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
Tuesday Evenings, Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Tuesday Evenings, St. John the Apostle Catholic Church
Thursday Daytime, Des Moines Valley Friends House
Thursday Evenings, Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart
Visit for more information about or to register for fall JustFaith offerings in the Des Moines area.

Tues., Oct. 3
Des Moines
Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What: Pa Vang Goldbeck will share her experience of visiting Hiroshima, Japan for two weeks. She works with Mayor Cownie who is the lead North American representative for Mayors for Peace, an organization dedicated to a world peace and a nuclear-free world. The Mayors for Peace aim to educate the public about the dangers of nuclear-weapons as we remember the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945
When:  6:00-7:00 PM
Where:  North Side Library, Meeting Room, 3516 Fifth Ave.,
More:  Space is limited. Please preregister at 515-283-4152 press 3, or online at

Thurs., Oct  19
Des Moines
Occupy the World Food Prize Rally & Direct Action
What:       The 2017 winner of the World Food Prize is nothing less than a Pro 1%er/Corporate/Global Ag & Banking advocate & disciple, bent on feeding the human race by means of the existing Corporate Global system .... the same system that is destroy the planet also... 
When: stay tuned
Where:  West side of State Capitol 

Thurs., Oct., 19- Oct. Sun., Oct. 22
Kansas City, MO  and more when you host an exhibit in the weeks following!
What:  Travelling Exhibition: VOICES of CONSCIENCE – Peace Witness in the Great War. 
What:  The Travelling Exhibition will premier at the Remembering Muted Voices Symposium October 19-22, 2017 at the National WWI Museum in Kansas City.  
More:  contact IPN to receive the document with more information on becoming a host, or registering for the Symposium Oct. 18-22.  Please also circulate this information to those who might be interested in your networks.  Perhaps some of your colleagues would like the travelling exhibition to come to their colleges, synagogues, mosques or churches also.  The exhibition is already booked for the week following the Symposium at Rainbow Mennonite Church in Kansas City in a partnership with Church of the Brethren and local Quakers.  They are also inviting others to help.
Contact:  For any questions about the exhibition please contact directly Annette LeZotte, the director of the Kaufman Museum at Bethel College in Kansas. Annette is cc above and she has given more contact information in the flier.

Thurs., Oct. 26
Des Moines
Rising Strong: Cultivating a Spiritual Practice with Courage, Creativity and Compassion
What:  Rising Strong™ is a one-day workshop based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The simple physics of vulnerability is if we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. This workshop is about what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of struggle give us the power to write a brave new ending. Struggle can be our greatest call to courage and the clearest path to a wholehearted life.
When:  The workshop will be on Thursday, October 26, 2017 from 8:30am – 5:30pm
Where:  First Christian Church (2500 University Ave).
More:   Please bring your own lunch. To register or learn more, please click HERE.

Fri., Oct. 27- Sun., Oct. 29
Griswold, IA
Circle of Life Retreat
What:  A Circle of Life Retreat, directed by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr, will be held Oct. 27-29. Using the seasons as a backdrop for prayer, the directors will encourage participants to find their personal stories hidden in the life-giving spirit of these four emerging transitions: spring, blossoming and new beginnings; summer, fruitfulness and passion; autumn, harvesting and fruitful dying; winter, nurturing the seed in the holy darkness of your being. Registration is now open. >> See

Fri., Oct. 27th
Watch for more details
IFCO./ Pastors for Peace will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary
Please mark this date on your calendar Join us for the celebration.

Fri., Nov. 3- Sun., Nov. 5
Amherst, Massachusetts
NWTRCC (National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee) combined gathering
What:  Thanks to New England folks for inviting NWTRCC to join their annual weekend of great food, discussions, and workshops. The combined gathering will be November 3-5 in Amherst, Massachusetts. Friday registration and dinner (and some housing) will be at Pioneer Valley Cohousing, Friday evening’s and Saturday’s programs will be at UMASS. NWTRCC’s business meeting will be Sunday morning as usual, and we will probably have a counselor training that afternoon. Watch for details at
Plan your arrival and departure knowing that travel to and from the airport will take an hour or so. The closest airport is Bradley International Airport (BDL). Amtrak (the Vermonter or some Northeast regional lines) stops in Northampton (closest) or Springfield, Massachusetts, plus Greyhound (and maybe other buses) serve Amherst Center and UMASS. Watch our website for more details or ask the office for a brochure, and if you are flying, please let us know how the schedules look so that we can group pick-ups as needed.

Tues., Nov. 7
Des Moines
Iowa and Kosovo: The Importance of Partnerships in State Building
What: Meet Consul General Xhavit Gashi, currently appointed at the Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo in Des Moines, Iowa. Consul General Gashi served as the first ever Kosovo Security Force Attaché to the United States. He retired from the Military as Brigadier General after completing almost twenty years of service. He will share his experience with the establishment of the future of Kosovo. Find out how Iowa and Kosovo are working together for the development of democratic institutions.
When:  6:00-7:00 PM
Where:  North Side Library, Meeting Room, 3516 Fifth Ave., Des Moines
More:  Space is limited. Please preregister at 515-283-4152 press 3, or online at

Fri., Nov. 17- Sun., Nov. 19
Des Moines
Urban Immersion for Adults
What:  Join the Center for Social Ministry for an Urban Immersion experience for Adults! This immersion will be a wonderful opportunity for all JustFaith graduates and Center for Social Ministry friends who would like to participate in an in-depth exploration into the needs of our community. Through community-building activities, simulations, and visits to organizations that help those in need, we will learn how we can follow our call to care for others.
When:  The immersion will take place from 5 p.m. on Friday, November 17 until 12 p.m. (noon) on Sunday, November 19.
More:  For more information or to register, please click HERE, or contact Susie Tierney at or by phone at 515/782-3054.  For a brochure, click here.

Hunger for Change Module - Fall Offering
This fall, the Center for Social Ministry is offering JustFaith Ministries' newest 8-week module, "Hunger for Change."  This small group module explores the realities of food insecurity in the U.S. and throughout the world in a prayerful process that includes reading, rich dialogue, and an immersion experience.  If you’re interested in participating in this program, please let us know by completing our survey

Regular Events

Mondays 12 p.m.
Des Moines
Moral Mondays
What: Several Iowa groups will get together to advocate for values like equality, fairness, and justice. In partnership with progressive leaders in the Iowa Legislature, Moral Mondays will highlight a new, moral and values driven bill each week during the Legislative Session.
Where: CHANGE: meeting in Room 304 at the Capitol
Sponsors: Family Planning Council of Iowa, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund, Iowa Citizen Action Network, Iowa AFL-CIO, and partners


Des Moines
WILPF Book group
What:  Book group
When: 10:30 am 
Where: Beaverdale Book Store
More:  Pick up your copy the Beaverdale Book Store meet with the Club starting on Monday, Sept 26 (the Club meets at the Beaverdale Book Store).


1st Monday of the month
Des Moines
WILPF & DM Move to Amend meeting
What:  (beginning in October) Des Moines Move To Amend Working Group will combine forces with Women's International Peace and Justice (WILPF ) members.   Move To Amend will present business at the WILPF meetings on the FIRST Monday of each month.
Where:  Northwest Community Center located at 51st & Franklin in Des Moines 


Tuesdays, 7:30 to 8:30
Des Moines
Des Moines Meditation and Mindfulness Group
What:  Teachers Fred Nelson and David Drake lead the group.
Beginning and experienced meditators are all welcome.  Universal breath mediation and Buddhist philosophy as compatible with all religions.  You may use any silent technique you prefer.  Our group was founded in 1994 by Charles Day to enable anyone to learn and practice meditation and mindfulness to benefit their health, clarity of thinking, self-esteem, peacefulness, and spirituality.  Mats, cushions, and chairs are provided.  Attend regularly or occasionally.  We encourage you to attend all the segments listed above to maximize benefits, but you are welcome to attend any or all of them
When:  Starting at 7:30 pm (see schedule below)
Where:  Friends Meeting House, 4211 Grand Ave. 
More:  Schedule: 
7:30-8:00pm:  First Meditation sitting with instruction
8:00-8:20:  Presentation about meditation, Buddhism, spirituality
8:20-8:30:  Second mediation sitting


1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month
Iowa City
People for Justice in Palestine (PJP) meetings
What: PJP meeeting
When:  6:30 pm- 8 pm
Where:   currently at the south area of the food court (near Sweets and Treats, toward the parking garage) of the Old Capitol Mall in downtown Iowa City.
More:  Please bring your dinner if you wish. Anyone who is in basic agreement with our mission statement is welcome. See for mission statement & more
Suggestion: Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to UNRWA (UN relief for Palestine refugees). More than $3,000,000,000 of U.S. tax money goes to support Israel every year. Offset your share with a donation to UNRWA.

2nd & 4th Wednesdays of month
Immigration Working Group
What: see contact below for more info
When:  4 pm
Where: NEIPJC, 119 Winnebago St.


Thursdays 11:45 am - 12:15 p.m.
Des Moines
Peace Vigil
What: Members of local peace groups gather to demonstrate for peace.
Where: In front of the Des Moines Civic Center, 221 Walnut St.

Thursdays 5:15-- 5:45pm
Peace Vigil
What:  Weekly Vigil for Peace, Healing, and Community
Where:   Port of Burlington by the Statue of Liberty


Fridays 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Iowa City
Peace Vigil
What:  Everyone is welcome.  *This event is wheelchair accessible.*.
Where: Meet up at the intersection of Iowa Ave. and Clinton St.,
on the University of Iowa Pentacrest.


Fridays 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Cedar Rapids
Peace Vigil
What: Members of local peace groups gather to demonstrate for peace.
Where: 1st Ave. and 1st St. NE, Cedar Rapids. (across from the old Federal Building at the Tree of Five Seasons)