Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama;

As you begin your second four years of the presidency and with a new Secretary of Defense, I want to encourage you and your administration to work diligently towards bringing about peace and justice in Israel and with the Palestinian people that live in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Being an active Democrat in our State of Iowa and especially in our Marshall County, I have not been happy with the progress I have seen the past four years. I, along with many other Christians from the USA and other European countries, have not liked the way we continue to support Israel with military arms, and the overkill and abuse that is carried out towards the Palestinians. I would encourage you to continue to support a two-state solution for the Palestinians and to bring about a sense of justice for them.

Perhaps, if we had better relations with the Arab world in the Middle East, we could get some economic trade going with them. The rest of the world would begin to respect our new approach with our Muslim neighbors.

It seems to me that the military leaders in our country, and the way they spend our money, takes away the health needs of the poor and middle class Americans. I am not very happy about seeing this happen, year after year here in our beloved country. Is there some way you might be able to change this, now that you have just been reelected for four more years?

I am a staff person for the Iowa Peace Network, a publication that comes out every three months. If you would like to share your thoughts with me about what I have written, I would be happy to publish your thoughts in our publication. Thank you once again, for being our president and for working to bring about equality for all of us, gays, lesbians, races and ethnic groups, women in employment. We give you our support and now may justice come to all and in our foreign policy in the Middle East and the Holy Land. Please RSVP.

                                                                   Sincere Regards,

                                                                   Darrell V. Mitchell

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