Wednesday, May 30, 2018

IPN Immigration Statement

Written by IPN Staff & Joint Oversight Committee  (If you would like to sign your name to this statement, email

We, supporters of Iowa Peace Network, wish to restate the value of respecting the human rights of all persons. In that spirit, we urge all government and civic authorities to respect the human rights of those living among us and seeking asylum in our country. We affirm that many of our ancestors also sought safety, refuge and religious freedom in this country and were not hindered in their attempt to start a new life here.

We urge our government representatives to continue to provide protective status to those originally granted it because it is not safe for them to return to their country of origin.

We urge all government representatives to continue extending DACA status, helping children who were brought to this country to achieve a legal path to citizenship. These persons are actively contributing to our country, and it is their home.

We call on all employees of ICE to cease any actions to arrest and/or detain persons living in this country going about the course of their daily lives, and instead follow only bureaucratic processes for processing those who wish to apply for citizenship. We decry the arrest of 32 persons arrested at their place of work recently in Mt. Pleasant and request they be reunited with their families immediately, while working out legal issues.

We call on the Justice Department to reverse their threat and practice of separating children from their parents, if those families are seeking asylum in the United States. 

We call on all citizens to return to a spirit of respect toward all people, avoiding any harassment, or threatening persons with arrest,  except in the cases of law enforcement  investigating a crime.  We need to return to being the welcoming home to immigrants we can all be proud of and from which we ourselves have benefited.

Staff & Members of the Iowa Peace Network Joint Oversight Committee;
Rev. Tim Button-Harrison, Church of the Brethren, Northern Plains District Executive Minister;
Jon Krieg
Barbara & Jim Dale
Steve & Mona Gude
Plymouth United Church of Christ Peace Committee (Des Moines)
Jean Rothfusz
Lyle Neher
Carol Spaulding-Kruse
Janet Rosenbury
Mark Rosenbury
Kim Hill Smith
Dennis Harbaugh
Juanita Williams
Ellen Wile
Loree Gross
Jeff Overton
Cheri May
Immigrant Allies of Marshalltown 
Terry Mercer & Joa LaVille
Robert Ludwig
Mary Letizia Caponi
Cindy & Jim Mackey
Carole Castelline
Cathy Dodds
Nancy Plagman
Maggie Melaney
Pat Miller
Connie McCroskey
Cindy Mumar
Jeanne Marie Schwendinga
Julie Powell Mohr
Kay Kopalich
Regina MacRae
Jean Minahan
Marilyn Hagedarn
Barbara J. Grow
MaryBeth Reiff
Mary Ann Koch
Marilyn Krogubk
Charlene Skidmore
Elaine Hagedorn
Ken Hochstedler

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