Thursday, June 22, 2017

DCW Frank Cordaro Sentenced to 72 Hours in Jail

(Last) Thursday, Frank Cordaro was sentenced to 72 hours in jail for trespassing at the Iowa Air National Guard base as part of the Des Moines Catholic Worker and Veterans for Peace ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the drone warfare currently being waged from Des Moines at the Iowa Air National Guard 132nd Wing, now a drone command center.

Frank Cordaro, Al Burney & Mark Kenney appeared in court on June 20 in connection to their act of civil disobedience on June 17 at the Iowa Air National Guard drone command center.

Frank was sentenced to 72 hrs in jail and is expected to be released Friday afternoon. Mark and Al received a fine.

There will be another protest at the Air Guard this Saturday, the 24th, at 4 pm. Please join if you are able

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