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Mississippi Stand is Only Stronger after Eviction Threat

From: Mississippi Stand <>
Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 12:52 PM
Subject: Mississippi Stand is Only Stronger after Eviction Threat

Dear Water Protector,

As you may have heard, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department served our Mississippi Stand Camp an eviction notice Tuesday night (Oct. 4th) as the sun set over the Mississippi, effective Thursday, Oct 6th.

In the wee hours of this Thursday morning, the Lee County Sheriff’s department hovered around the camp as if they meant to intimidate us from continuing our mission to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

But we will not be moved. We are only stronger now and support for our cause is growing each day.
The eviction notice, signed by County Attorney Michael Short, came after an immense support surged at the camp. Over 200 people from local communities and across the country protested peacefully to challenge the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). To date, about 100 people have been arrested while peacefully protesting Energy Transfer, the corporation that used eminent domain against local landowners and which threatens the health and safety of local communities as well as sacred and traditional Native territories along the pipeline route. The Sheriff’s action has prompted many questions.

"Why is the Lee County Sheriff more focused on protecting the pipeline than on protecting the people who elected him into office?" asked Ahmed Gaya, a camp resident whose family owns farms on the pipeline route. Yesterday, over 200 people from across the US called Mr. Short’s office to register their opposition to the eviction and his decision to protect pipelines over people.

Little did they know it, but Lee County Sheriff Suarez and County Attorney Michael Short’s eviction threat did us a favor: it has directed national attention at the town of Keokuk as a key front in the grassroots fight to halt DAPL construction.

In the face of the eviction threat, Mississippi Stand has seen a groundswell of support come in from near and far.

Our camp’s numbers swelled overnight. Following an impassioned call to join our camp in a video garnering over 20,000 view on the Mississippi Stand Facebook page and yesterday’s arrest of Jessica Reznicek, who blocked construction traffic on the Dakota Access road with her body until arrested, supporters flowed in. Car after car arrived throughout the night, carrying over 50 supporters and Indigenous leaders from North Dakota and other communities to this site of DAPL opposition.

Last night, after celebrating with a bonfire and singing, we at Mississippi Stand moved to an alternate location nearby where a landowner is hosting us to stage the next phase of resistance. We will continue demonstrations to stop pipeline construction and we know with your support and the support of others pouring in from across the country, our resistance will only grow stronger over the next few days!

As Ruby Montoya said, “We’re here to protect the Mississippi River from disaster and desecration and we’re here in solidarity with the Standing Rock camp and Native resistance in North Dakota. Come out to Mississippi Stand as this eviction did not crush us, it is only making us stronger!” said Ruby Montoya, age 26.

Here's what you can do:

1. Please come out to join in a community march, dinner, rally, and blockade at 3333 Mississippi River Road, Keokuk, IA 62632 this Friday and Saturday-- or any day for ongoing demonstrations! Watch the Mississippi Stand Facebook page for further updates.

2. We have a new camp location and we invite new water protectors to come camp with us! Call Alex at at 314.971.6304 or Ruby at 602-769-9332 for more information.

3. Call Lee County Attorney Mike Short and voice your opposition to the eviction at (319) 524-9590 and share/repost our action alert

4. Donate to our legal fund, general camp fund and Amazon wish list

5. Share these requests far and wide - spread the word!
Thank you so much for your support at this momentus time! Water is Life!

-Mississippi Stand

Background about the DAPL:

Energy Transfer’s pipeline would move approximately 470,000 barrels oil per day with capacity to move 570,000 barrels per day from the Bakken fields of North Dakota to be exported out from the Gulf of Mexico. Energy Transfer estimates the entire pipeline is projected to create only 40 jobs. Every 30 minutes, a significant pipeline accident occurs in the United States. We know the Mississippi, which provides drinking water to over 30 million residents, will be threatened if Energy Transfer succeeds in completing construction. The camp, known as Mississippi Stand, has been in place since August 31st and was established in solidarity with Standing Rock, a Lakota camp challenging DAPL in North Dakota, and other Native American efforts to keep DAPL from destroying sacred and traditional lands. Workers are boring under the Mississippi river 24 hours a day. Public input was not allowed during planning for the pipeline route and permits were hastily granted without proper environmental studies. There are major community concerns around the safety of the project for the quality of the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.


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