Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Update on Biking for Peace & Report on CPT Talk June 23

A group of about 30 gathered last week, Thursday, June 23d, at the Des Moines Valley Friends Meetinghouse to hear from CPTers David Jones and Julie Brown.
  David Jones is from Arizona and Julie lives right in Des Moines.  David Jones had been riding with fellow CPTer (delegation in 2014-2015) Michael Himlie from Harmony, MN with Biking for Peace, riding 50 states in 50 days this summer. (See earlier article.)  They were raising awareness and money for CPT and another organization, The Honey Foundation.  They had the opportunity to meet many people, and speak about CPT.

First, we heard from David Jones about his time in Palestine in the winter of 2014-2015.  He shared some interesting stories, including a video of a co-CPTer breaking a cycle of violence by asking a simple question, “Why are you holding on to him?”.  She was asking an Israeli soldier why he was holding onto a young boy’s collar.  The soldier let go after the question. 

Jones also updated his hearers on Biking for Peace.  Biking for Peace is not over, but they are suspending their ride until further notice.   They had ridden in 40 states, but because of family issues, Jones is returning home until a later time.  Himlie has also returned home after their last across-state ride in Minnesota.  They don’t know exactly how Biking for Peace will continue, but it will continue.

Brown also spoke on experience in Palestine, where she spent time before joining CPT.  She was with another group and learned of CPT while in Palestine.  She is now a full-time CPTer (spending 6 months out of the year in CPT) in Iraqi Kurdistan.  Brown shared the tasks of CPT- including training natives in non-violence.  Brown also shared that CPT is looking to expand its workers by using more natives in their staff.

Hearers raised over $200 for Christian Peacemaker Teams. 

By Christine Sheller

Christine Sheller is coordinator of Iowa Peace Network, and has a Master of Divinity from Bethany Theological Seminary.  

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