Monday, November 23, 2015

IPN joins Iowa Pays the Price Coalition

Iowa Peace Network recently joined an Iowa-based, non-partisan coalition- Iowa Pays the Price- dedicated to change the status quo on corporations' influence on the Presidential candidates' campaigns.

By Christine Sheller, staff, Iowa Peace Network

Iowa Peace Network recently joined Iowa Pays the Price.  Iowa Pays the Price is an Iowa-based 501(c) (3) organization with a goal to educate Presidential candidates, the media, and caucus goers of the need for campaign finance reform.  Iowa Pays the Price will be using a digital and field campaign.  See

Iowa Pays the Price is a non-partisan group, aimed to support reform, to communicate the urgency for reform using recent examples of the influence of money in Iowa politics, and to influence debate at key times in the caucus process, according to Ruth LaPointe, Campaign Director, Iowa Pays the Price.

Other organizations joining include Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Progress Iowa, Governing Under the Influence, Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, and S.T.A.R Pac.

IPN would like to encourage everyone to go to the Presidential Candidate visits, to educate ourselves on where candidates stand, maybe influence them in our input to the discussion taking place.

The principles that Iowa Pays the Price is based on is below:

Principles for a 21st Century Election System

Everyone participates
In our electoral system, everyone should have a voice in the decisions affecting their lives.

Everyone knows
Voters have the right to know who is trying to influence our views and gain improper influence over our representatives.

Everyone is held accountable
We need a fair and accessible elections system so our elected officials will be responsive and accountable to the people.

Everyone’s voice is heard
Our elections system is based on the principle of one person, one vote — not one dollar, one vote.

Everyone plays by common sense rules
Access to and influence over our elected representatives should not be determined by the size of your wallet.
(again, see

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